This time of year there are lots of conflicting emotions – the joy that comes with the holidays and the loneliness that can be present too.

We are all longing for a sense of family, yet maybe family isn’t quite what it should be. In our series Home Alone, you will discover that you are never alone and a messy family can actually be ok (even as we grow together).

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December 24

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Joining us online? Our Christmas Eve services will be available at 2 p.m., 4 p.m., and 6 p.m. CST on live.gatewaychurch.com and our Gateway Church Facebook page

Every year we love to give generously to continue the great work of Gateway and go above and beyond to make a global impact.  Gateway is a church that is known for Loving Everyone Life by Life, but we are so excited in this season to Love Everyone Home by Home.

This year, we have a very unique opportunity, to help 100 Afghan families make Austin their home. Our goal is to raise $100,000 to provide for living expenses beyond the 3 months that the Refugee Services of Texas provides. Will you partner with us to welcome our new neighbors home for the holidays?

*For year-end donations intended for 2021, please be sure to process your donation no later than 11:59pm (Central time) on December 31, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we serving refugees?

As the church and people who follow Jesus, we are called to love and serve those who are displaced and marginalized.  There are 100 refugees being relocated to Austin and we have an opportunity to show them God’s love by serving them as they build a new life in a new city for their family.  Imagine if someone told you, you had to move to a new country and had 3 months to learn a new language, get a job, find transportation, enroll your kids in school, and navigate the healthcare system.  What if we as the church came alongside those who are refugees in our city to show them Jesus’ love?

What does it mean to love 'cup by cup'?

If you consider that the cost of a cup of coffee is approximately $5, and you were to put that amount aside each day to love and serve the refugee community, it would be $1,825 over the course of a year… that amount is approximately the cost of a month of living expenses for a refugee family.  We know coffee is sacred, so we’d never ask you to give up your java, but when we love cup by cup, it’s a tangible way to consider giving towards impacting the life of a refugee.

How many refugee families are we helping?

Gateway has been serving refugee families in Austin for years through the Hope Clinic, International Restoration Church, and the Refugee Network.  In 2022 there are 100 families that will be relocated to Austin in the new year and we want to be ready to help them as they arrive.

How do I give financial support to help these refugee families?

During the month of December, just give above and beyond what you normally give to the offering at the campus you attend.  When we hit our budget for December, any amount over will go to hit our goal of $100,000 to serve 100 families. 

How will the money be used?

The money will be used to provide living expenses for a family.  Refugee Services of Texas provides a family with 3 months of assistance initially, but after that they receive no financial assistance.  We will come alongside a refugee family to determine what’s needed.  In some cases they just need help with transportation so we can provide a ride or a bus pass.  In other cases they may need a month of additional rent assistance.  Overall we think $100,000 will serve 100 families in 2022 to help them avoid homelessness, find a job, provide food, clothing, medical care and much more.

Are there opportunities to build relationships with a refugee family?

Absolutely! All information on how you can get involved can be found at gatewaychurch.com/refugees

How can I use my business to help refugee families?

Businesses like SLAB BBQ and Southside Market are providing food.  Smokey Mo’s BBQ is interviewing refugees for potential employment opportunities.  FairBank is helping refugees set up bank accounts. If you are in a position of influence in your company, we’d love to talk with you about how you can use your business to make a positive impact.

What if the company I work for will match my giving?

Many companies will match your contributions up to a certain amount.  Most companies do a giving-match to Gateway Church through foundations like Benevity, Bright Funds, Your Cause, United Way, Blackbaud, and Truist.  Talk to your HR representative to see if you can give to Gateway through your company foundation. Gateway is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible.


Together let’s give above and beyond what we have been giving so we can finish this year strong! Our generosity will help redefine 2021 and help continue to radically change lives in 2022. God wants to work through us. So let’s give together out of gratitude for all that God has done and will do through us!